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About the game

Backpack Hero is a "roguelike" game developed by TheJaspel for the game jam FFS2022, with art by GangsRobin with help from NedoKontent, and music by BinaryCounter.

In BPH, you play the role of one of many characters, the currently available ones being Purse, Tote, CR-8, Satchel, and Pochette.

The game is mostly controlled with the mouse cursor, but the left and right arrow keys can be used to rotate items outside the backpack counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. Optionally, a 'rotate items' button can be toggled, to avoid the need to right click or use the keyboard.

Items in the game (including gold, mana, and even curses) each take up space in your backpack. Many items take up more than one space, some items will only fit into oddly shaped spaces, and occasionally item placement will affect or even destroy other items.

Most levels are randomly generated, but the tutorial and boss levels are mostly static. By pressing "M" on the main menu, or by clearing the 9th floor boss, you will be able to skip the tutorial, and be placed in an alternate starting location, with basic starting items and a wise rodent named Matthew, who will give you boon to start your mission. Healers, treasure rooms, event rooms and shops will often be blocked by monster encounters (and those monsters can hit you with some nasty Status Effects). The Dungeon is represented in a side-scrolling fashion at the bottom of the screen, while the top is reserved for the backpack and the dungeon map. The player navigates the dungeon by clicking a destination on the map, and will automatically engage special rooms after clicking on their icons.


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