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Item Compendium

All items you wish to keep with you will take up space in your backpack, varying in shape and size. Some items will affect other nearby items and may even destroy them! Pack carefully! You can get items by defeating enemies, winning/trading them in events, buying them at various shops, or finding them in chests found throughout the dungeon. (Some chests may be locked so be sure to keep a key on you! Others may be cursed!) If you're lucky you can find some Rare, or even Legendary items!

Most items require Energy.png energy to use. However, some cost Mana.png mana or Gold.png gold nstead. There are even items that you can use for FREE! (They may or may not be destroyed though...)

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Item Types

Purse Reorganizing Background.gif

Offensive items that deal damage, or status effects, to your enemies!


Defensive items that you use to gain even more block. When used with armor, you will become almost impenetrable!


Defensive items to help protect yourself from your enemies. They are used passively to give you block, protecting you from damage.
Careful though, it doesn't protect you from Poison


Building blocks to build a defensive barrier. You can even build a house!


Call upon your Manastones to cast all kinds of spells with Wands! If you run out of Mana, you can replenish it with Books or Staffs!


More than trinkets, these items grant all sorts of benefits.
Placing Gems next to items will grant them all sorts of buffs, and Rings can even grow your Health bar!


These single use items can come in handy when times are tough! From replenishing your health to giving you extra Energy or Mana, there's so many options!


After defeating a Boss, you can get one of these to get amazing benefits.


Your enemies may try to add hazards to your bag, forcing you to place the hazard in your bag. They give nasty debuffs and get in your way of the rest of your stuff.
You can choose to sacrifice some health instead, but over time it will cost more and more health, so be careful!

Cursed Items

Special items that you might get after getting cursed by an item, cursed chest or event. You need to cleanse them before you can leave them behind, but if you can build around their negative effects, they can be very beneficial.


Some items can bestow blessings to you, granting buffs for the rest of combat.

Character Exclusive

These items can only be used by certain characters, each with their own play style!

Removed Items

These items have been sealed away, deep in the depths of the dungeon.


Everything else! Some items are so special they need their own section!

Going to Be Moved

Name Sprite Type Rarity Size Cost Stats
Small Key
Card Type Key.png
Common Tag.png
1x1 Shape.png
No Cost.png

Used to open locked Chests